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We present the new collection: ECLÉCTIKA

Today is one of those days that should be celebrated, we present a new collection. We have done this project with the illusion of transmitting to you a way of seeing things and living them, through eclecticism. That is, combining concepts, values, trends and opposing ideas, to achieve a harmonious whole.
This is the concept we have used to explain the contrasts involved in being a woman.

To achieve this antagonistic effect, the collection was created in a baroque church, using acrobats as models.

The five hairstyles of the collection are made of contrasts in the cuts, but also with the colours. We have played with the combination of shaved and wavy hair, combining natural tones with fantasy colours with a worn-out effect. We have achieved this by combining the trends of natural tones and cuts with the most radical fashion.

Many thanks to all the team involved in the collection.

Here you can see the video and photos of the project, we hope you like it!