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We are passionate about our work

If there is one thing that all of us who form part of the Carol Bruguera team have in common, it is undoubtedly this: the desire to grow within our profession. It fills us with joy to be recognised by the professional image sector and to have a presence in specialised magazines on a global scale, but that’s not enough for us. In a way, we want to “reinvent” hairdressing. Highlighting the more artistic side of this profession, committing to innovation in all senses and constantly training ourselves is essential to us. And, of course, to explain, share and offer all this to you, our clients.

Living our passion and sharing it with you is our raison d’être.

Més de 60 anys d’història

It all began in 1962, when Dolores Bruguera decided to open a small hairdressing salon in Vic. Ten years later, her husband, Jacinto Carol, joined the team. This was the seed of Carol Bruguera. A few years later, three of her four children would join the project, forming a solid team that had grown up with a passion in its heart and an idea in its head.

During all this time, we have continued to grow and have managed to be present in all environments where hairdressing is the focus: fashion and hairdressing magazines (national and international), shows for commercial houses or associations, workshops, demonstrations for hairdressers, and even fashion shows, TV, cinema and theatre. We owe this to the passion applied, that is to say, to the daily work done with enthusiasm. This has led us to obtain great prizes in prestigious competitions: the Hairbrained Video Awards, the Global Salon Business, the AIPP, the Laus, the Revlon Cup, the Young Creators Tecniart by l’Oreal, the Novoprof and the Seeting Vap among others. Also in the field of photography, through which we express our creations, we have received recognition in several competitions and biennials, and even special mentions in awards such as the Editorial Planeta.

But all this, far from serving as mere prestige, drives us to continue improving, always with enthusiasm and a humility that reminds us that the road never ends. In recent years we have developed a research and investigation department and we have made a strong commitment to new technologies. And we plan to continue along this path for the future, which we see as both a challenge and an opportunity.

We will continue to grow because we will continue to learn.

Awards and recognitions

Always with humility, but also with great pride: here is a long list of awards we have won in recent years thanks to a great team, the desire to be better every day and the will to make hairdressing an art.

Best video at the AIPP Awards / March 2023

Laus Award for the Everybody project / June 2023

Winners of the Digital Beauty Awards / September 2022

Double award at the NewYork HairBrainedAwards / September 2022

Award at the Digital Transformation Awards / November 2021

Trenesis nomination celebrated in New York / March 2019

Back from London with an AIPP / October 2015

Laus Award for smartphone game Hairland / July 2015

Winners at the Global Salon Business in Los Angeles / November 2010