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The first hairdressing franchise that isn’t really a franchise

Do you want to open a hair salon or give your salon the boost it needs? Look no further. With Carol Bruguera, you’ll have a great support group that will assist you with salon and team management, as well as sales promotion. And since what matters here is supporting each other, you can bring your style to your salon and contribute your bit because, together as a team, we continue to grow.

At Carol Bruguera, we have been turning hairdressing into an art for over 50 years. Throughout this time, we have become a team of more than 120 professionals, with 15 profitable salons, being one of the leading hairdressing chains in the industry. We work in an environmentally sustainable way, collaborate with the best brands, present cutting-edge hairdressing shows, showcase our collections in the world’s most important beauty media, have been nominated multiple times for the HairBrained Video Awards, and won significant awards, including the international AIPP award (also known as the “Oscars” of hairdressing).

If you want to learn more about our project, we suggest watching this family conversations video, where different salon leaders share their experience with Carol Bruguera.

The 100 advantages of being part of Carol Bruguera

Business Plan. Agreements with suppliers. Customer acquisition and loyalty. Labor and accounting management. Training. Creation of new collections. No other company in the sector offers you as many advantages as we do!

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Why choose us?

Because we share a passion with you and always strive for the best for everyone. Because the human team always comes first, and we understand that you also want to make hairdressing your way of life. For all this and much more.

If we are together, there is no such thing as a crisis

If after the crisis caused by COVID-19 we were the first to open with all the security measures in place, it was because we have an efficient and agile consultancy that allows us to respond forcefully to any unexpected scenario.

Hairdressing is an art

With our passion, we make hairdressing an art. We do hair shows with the best brands and we have an R&D center where we create trendy collections and generate new techniques.

All the trends in the world

We have a wide and varied public (men, women and children) which allows us to diversify our experience and work with all kinds of trends. This makes our professional evolution optimal.

A salon with its own style

We take advantage of the benefits of being a chain but we avoid homogeneity: each of our salons has its own style, a special character, because we customize it to the taste of the team that forms it and its situation. We also advise you from the beginning on the choice of location.

Meet Susana, Emm, Mireia, Anna & Mercè, owners of some of our hair salons. They will explain everything we can contribute to your business.

How to open a Carol Bruguera salon

And if your big dream were just six exciting steps away? Starting a business is not easy… unless you have all the support you need. And that’s precisely what we will provide you with. Remember that, if you embark on this journey, you will never be alone.

Initial meeting to listen to your needs and be able to make a personalized proposal of collaboration.
Investigation of the premises together: best locations, minimum conditions, advice on contractual issues and structural audit by the interior designer. We also help you to look for financing for your project.
Personalized proposal for the premises, based on your tastes and the closest public in the space. It includes interior design and technical project. We also follow up the whole project until the delivery of the keys.
Joint planning of different actions to attract the best staff for your business.
Initial training of the whole team regarding trends, technical issues, customer relations and sales promotion.
Strategy for the opening of the new store: actions to attract new customers, continuous training to the team and continuous evolution of the business.

R&D Center

Creating trends, attending training sessions, staying up-to-date with the latest developments, sharing knowledge with us, thinking about new collections, or preparing hairdressing shows are some of the things we do in this magnificent space that allows us to grow as professionals and turn our profession into an art.

Some of our salons

The great advantage of having a franchise that isn’t really a franchise is that each of our salons has a unique soul, an essence that makes it truly special. Here, you can see some of the ones we have launched in recent years.

Contact with us

If you are also passionate about hairdressing and want to have a profitable salon, contact us, we would love to meet you and tell you how we can help you.