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We share with you our hairdressing experience.

Hairstyling techniques, tricks, inspiration… Learn from Carol Bruguera’s team of professionals and creatives with our tutorials and training experiences.

Is hairdressing your dream? Have you decided to improve your technique? Then keep in mind that a hairdresser is made. Cut by cut and dye by dye. Educating and guiding your creativity towards the paths of your passion.

Our CB Experiences are a good formula to start or to recycle yourself: online, free and with criteria. Discover and learn everything we create in our R+D+I centre.

Acquiring knowledge is key. Sharing it is a must.

There is no denying the evidence: we are an award-winning, innovative team with a long track record. And it is humility that has brought us this far, because success is forged by the desire to learn and the sum of experience.

And that is what this website is all about: experiences that we want you to make your own. To offer you our knowledge in an entertaining and educational format. To share the techniques that we have learnt or even generated throughout our 60 years of career, based on trial and error.

For Carol Bruguera, training is key. And sharing knowledge is a duty.

The main protagonist of this first series of tips and tutorials is our award-winning Trenesis trilogy. Its versatility opens up a whole world of possibilities, and even manages to reformulate the vision of hairdressing. Our team of professionals will explain step by step how to do the different hairstyles and give you ideas on how to personalise them. It will undoubtedly be a great source of inspiration for you.

Threaded braid

Trendiness and versatility


Pretzel knot

An elegant updo inspired by sailing knots


Hair tapestry

Can you imagine weaving a tapestry directly into hair?


Friz star braid

For volume lovers


Five strand braid

A braid with volume


Ring braid

A modern and simple updo


Infinity braid

Original and with many possibilities


Woven braid

For high fashion hair


Twist braid

A very elegant updo


Knot braid

A different braid


Tubular braid

A sophisticated updo


Wavy braid

Dare with a different updo