In Crescendo – 2016

Couple relationships and, on the rebound, human relationships inspired the 2016 hairshow, performed at the Barts theatre in Barcelona in front of more than 600 professionals from all over Catalonia. In this edition, the hairdressing show changed the cabaret register that has characterised it so much, although it did not leave behind the irony or the dance. The Thomas Noone dance company merged with Carol Bruguera’s hairdressing and the result was In Crescendo.
In the show, three couples dance their relationships and emotions. The more chaotic they become, the more voluminous and tangled their hair becomes. So the hairdressing helps to symbolise and materialise the content of the dance. It should be said that at one end of the stage, one can see in real time how Carol Bruguera’s team makes the changes of hairstyle and this in crescendo characterisation of the dancers.

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