Iconic – 2021

Do you feel them, have you been dazzled? The camera flashes are directed at you. Towards the contrasting colours of your new look. Because the streets are also the place to show your style. A host of fashion icons are on parade on the cobblestones.

And so comes “Iconic”, our new autumn collection, which elevates the streets to the rank of catwalks. And it does so with a modern touch while maintaining the naturalness of everyday life. This collection follows the current trend of zone bleaching, a real boom. But it proposes a very respectful bleaching with the hair and a delimitation by large, gentle layers. And it achieves this with the half&half technique with colour variations in different areas.

Photographed by the outstanding photographer Xenia Lau, the looks in this collection enhance the uniqueness of each person without falling into abrupt or too geometric cuts, but accompany the features in an organic, gentle way. Ideal for a style as daring as that of a fashion icon, but very portable.