Ecléctika – 2023

Eclecticism: a way of thinking and acting that is characterised by choosing opposing ideas, values and trends and combining them in an attempt to achieve an organic whole.

This definition is what inspired us to create Eclectika, a collection that highlights the complexity of an empowered femininity, one that reconciles hardness and sweetness, reason and passion, virtue and darkness.

Eclectika represents this concept through a combination of contrasts of techniques and trends that, in their totality, achieve harmony: it plays at combining shaved hair that does not reach its maximum with the innocent beauty of wavy manes, it opts for organic transitions avoiding geometric cuts, it combines the natural tone of the hair itself with fantasy colours with a worn effect and it unites the most radical techniques with the most purist trends.

In this original way, in the setting of a baroque church and on trapezes and ropes, we bring the deepest concept of femininity to the world of aesthetics. And you can take it to the streets with the Eclectika collection and its unimaginable gradients and antagonistic forms united in a whole.

Do you dare not to give up anything?