Trenesis 3 – 2020

Trenesis 3, the art of hair weaving

What if hair suddenly stopped being hair and became silk, cotton or cashmere? What if instead of scissors and combs, hair was manipulated with looms or crochet needles? What began as a fantasy has finally become a reality, with the new Trenesis 3 collection we have managed to unite two worlds that until now were only complementary, that of hairdressing and that of haute couture.

With this third Trenesis collection we have evolved the braids towards weaving, using manual, traditional and exclusive techniques in this field. The result speaks of unrealities, fantasy, of shapes and volumes hitherto unknown, of breaking boundaries and of understanding hairdressing as an art. As in haute couture, this is not a commercial collection, but purely experimental and sure to be an important source of inspiration in our salons.